VTPH-2AE (Enhanced) Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier

VTPH-2 Front Panel  

The VTPH-2A is discontinued

titanium gray face

silver and black face plates also available

all face plates are 1/2 inch thick brushed anodized aluminum


Silver             Gray             Black

VTPH-2 Back Panel

back panel - click on image for larger view


LIVE, in-your-room clarity

Totally unique tube circuitry configuration:

high end performance with very low distortion

exceptionally low noise using tubes

extended tube life

Immediately You Know!

None of that harshness, dryness, or hardness that most solid state phono stages produce.

"Pick up an acoustic instrument and the better it is, the greater the sense of life, of energy just waiting to burst forth. This is exactly the quality that the Herron phono-stage captures. All that texture it brings to instruments is built on micro-dynamic definition and the ability to capture the harmonic envelope, the pattern of energy that extends from instruments."

"The colour and ability to reveal each step in the growing intensity of a crescendo mark out the beautiful balance that the VTPH-2 strikes between the instrumental detail that gives music its beauty and the body and presence that gives it its drama and so much of its passion."

"The Herron VTPH-2 gives listeners all the benefits of a tube unit with few of the failings and a text-book technical performance to boot. It offers a level of vacuum-tube engineering (carefully combined with solid-state circuitry) that's rare at any price, unheard of at this one."
- Roy Gregory hifi+ issue 58

Customer Feedback - Cartridge Loading
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Dave Albert: "...I did however remove the 1K plugs. Wow! The sound stage got wider and there was more inner detail and separation between instruments. My question is..... how does your phono stage sound so great with no loading on very demanding cartridges, where other stages need very precise loading to get cartridges to sing properly? I am fascinated by this. Dave"

I happen to own both the Manley Chinook SE as well as the Herron VTPH-2A

"...In summary and from my vantage point, the Herron is measurably superior to the Chinook in pretty much every way. Itís equally as silent, with the music emerging from a truly black background, but it has a much better soundstage presentation with more layers of dimensionality. It has airier highs without sounding stringent, a more dynamic articulation, more base punch and a spooky dimensionality that the Chinook lacks. I find myself raising my head all the time admiring how the music is being presented on material that Iím totally familiar with - - I seldom found myself having the same reaction with the Chinook, and to me that was the biggest proof point of the Herronís superiority." corucia2 01-12-2021 11:12pm Herron Mini Review: Herron VTSP 360 (ESP);  See The Full Audiogon Forum Post

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Dave Albert: "Good Morning Keith, Well....... There is nothing I can tell you about the VTPH-2A that you have not already heard over and over again. I listened to 10 sides of all different types of music last night and I'm totally at a loss of words for how amazing the music sounds. I've had the hair raised up on my arms before during listening sessions but NEVER have I ever had every hair on my entire body raised up due to the sound flowing right through me. My friend described it perfectly.... The music goes right into your ears perfectly. Not one octave is dominant over the other. Everything is just simply perfect. The product that you have provided for me, in my honest opinion, is priceless. I want to thank you so very much for building this unit for me and changing my music listening forever. I feel like in my entire life of music listening, I have never really heard music the way it is supposed to be heard. But now with the VTPH-2A I can hear and feel every bit of emotion in each note produced. Sir, you have given life to my music and I cant thank you enough for that! Throughout the day I keep thinking about what albums I want to hear when I get home! I canít thank you enough. Dave"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Kevin Moak - additional comments: "Hi Keith. ..."Iíve been listening to this album for 50 years. I know it well.....or so I thought. I heard a depth of music and sound-staging I have NEVER HEARD BEFORE. It was pure joy to feel like I was listening to the album for the very first time. It was a journey back to my misspent youth in all the good ways possible. The album simply sounded fantastic. Thanks again for making such a great phonostage, Keith! I love it more and more each time I use it. Thanks for bringing the joy back to vinyl. Cheers, Kevin "

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Gerry Shewchuk: "Keith: Just a quick note regarding my 2A. The unit really seems to be opening up in about the last week. The 2A is a more refined product than the PH 1 seeming to get more out of the grooves in a civilized fashion. I had a friend over the other day and he remarked that he was hearing the best analogue reproduction from my system that he has ever heard. I can't believe how quiet the 2A is overall. As you can tell I am very pleased. I am still thinking about adding your 360 Preamplifer but I will have to wait unit I sell my current unit. Thanks for everything so far. Take care, Gerry"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Kevin Moak: "Keith, Unit arrived in perfect condition. I opened the box and let it adjust slowly to inside temperature (vs UPS truck temperature) and then unpacked it. Meticulously followed the start up directions (Iím an engineer....I really had no choice ??). Checked polarity A/B (B was the clear winner) and then settled in to listen to a couple of my favorite system evaluation albums. My compliments to you, sir! This phono stage sounds exactly like I hoped it would...meaning it steps out of the way and allows the cartridge to plumb the depths of the vinyl. No muddy mids or bass, nice tight control of the lower registers and sweet highs without any hint of edginess. And nice sound staging. I then tried the 100 ohm loading plugs and it got even better. Wow. I have just listened to two albums from start to finish, both sides....something I havenít done in a very long time because it was fatiguing. Not anymore! My only concern is Iím going to run out of vinyl to play and youíll cost me a ton of money buying more vinyl! Oh well, such is life, right? ?? Iím guessing it will only sound better and better with time. Kudos on such an amazing product. I cannot peel the smile off my face. Thank you! Cheers, Kevin"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Jay Weiskopf: "Hi Keith, Just a brief note of followup regarding your wonderful VTPH-2A that I now proudly own." "I frankly never expected buying your unit to make my system, which I was quite happy living with, come so alive. I have been enjoying rediscovering beautiful music from many LPs that I have loved for years; they sound new, fresh, alive, and ďunveiledĒ. I wish to congratulate you on a phono preamp that is reasonably priced and so beautiful sounding. Your availability to customers is truly special. You are obviously an artist who cares for the craft more than anything else. Stay well and safe. Jay Weiskopf, MD"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Ty Peltier: "Keith, Just wanted to give a quick report on the phono. Itís everything I was hoping it would be and more! Iím surprised how much better it is than my previous phono- Chinook with Telefunken E88 tubes. Much more bass extension and power with no fatigue. The highs are so sweet. Sometimes I canít tell if Iím listening to a tube phono stage or solid state because it is so natural and pure sounding. Congratulations on a magnificent achievement. I have no doubt that a lot of heart and soul went into creating this musical instrument that will provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction for me. Sincerely, Ty Peltier"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Albert Barragan: "Wow Keith! You sir are one helluva audio engineer! Iím definitely not an expert by any means, and my system and abilities are limited. But I do love music, and my music has never sounded this good. I was skeptical, and a little worried. As this was my biggest single purchase in my music gear. I didnít know what to expect Last night after the set up, I began to listen to vinyl after vinyl. At first I was not too impressed, was wondering what the deal was. Well not anymore, not sure if it was late and I was tired or what. Today I have been listening to music all day, I started at 10am, it has been pure bliss! This amazing little black box is music magic! Thank you so much Keith"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By James Cox: "Hi Keith - I was originally planning on waiting until after the VTPH-2A was fully burned in (Iíve read that it takes a hundred hours or so for it to fully open up) but I'm so pleased and excited I don't care to put it off. I have only about 50 hours or so on the phono pre, but I simply love it. I'm not an engineer nor am I particularly technically inclined but the insertion of this component into my system has already elevated it by a full step. Really amazing. Even at 50 hours the sonics are so . . . . .well . . . .ĒpureĒ, for a lack of a better term. I've heard that you spend a lot of time and effort with exact matching and selecting of your components, and I hear it in the sonics. Everything seems so ďin time/phaseĒ (again my technical limitations here . . . .). I can't help but believe that all your efforts in closely matching components - elevating what is already a superb design - are what Iím hearing. In closing, the main thing I want to say is THANK YOU for bringing even more excitement into the joy of my musical experience. Best wishes, James Cox"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Jorge Monteiro: "Just finished listening to 2 vinyls with the phono preamp.... god damn, this is good, I'm very impressed, amazed actually :) I can see why people keep referring to the VTPH-2A as a keeper, it actually makes a lot of sense. Keith, you have a very happy customer, but I guess you probably used to it by now :) Thanks, Jorge"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Charles Miller: "...I just brought home a game-changer, Herron VTPH-2A. Probably no amount of tweakery would be enough to elevate my old PH3-SE to this level. Or should I say realm. Universe? Whatever you want to call the place the rest cannot go."

"...the Herron sounded so good, even right out of the box, I lost all interest in doing anything but feeding it."

Herron VTPH-2A / Origin Live Conqueror / Koetsu Black Goldline   See Audiogon Forum Post

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By B. Andrew Miles: "Hi Keith, Thinking of you as I listen to my vinyl... absolutely love my Herron phono stage... thank you!!! Very best always, Andy"

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage with VTSP-360 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

- By Bob Craig (Chicago Audio Society): "Keith, I listened to the two units over the past two Saturdays. I used the phono stage (VTPH-2A upgrade) first on its own last Saturday, and then added on the 360 last night, after running another pre-amp for a bit. With the phono stage I noticed more three-dimensionality and more upper mids and high end. With the 360, the result was holy (expletive deleted)!! I couldn't believe it. You have really outdone yourself with the 360. When I find a component that makes me want to hear more, that is special to me. Most pieces of equipment don't do that. But the 360 did it. Even an old mono Angel from the 50's sounded great (solo piano) and a DGG from the 70's sounded like an audiophile recording. I thought I had pretty good sound before, but this is just beyond. If you don't sell lots of the 360, there is something wrong with the audio world. It sounds the best I have heard here at home. I appreciate your efforts and hope more people discover what you have to offer."

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Arthur Samuel: "If you are considering the VTPH-2A, you probably care a lot about the quality of the sound your system produces. Vinyl playback that is often described as clean, clear, soft, detailed, spacious, dynamic and even has ďslamĒ. I know that I wanted to hear those qualities when I listened but really couldnít experience it with the 2 previous phono preamps I used. With the other phono preamps listening often became a battle with the equipment; fussing, tweaking everything trying to get the sound qualities I craved. It wasnít fun for me. So after reading everything I could, I focused my efforts on phono preamps and took a huge economic chance (for me) with the VTPH-2A. After a month of listening to the music I know well all I can say is ďwowĒ. The VTPH-2A is everything I want because it plays the music beautifully. All those superlative adjectives about the sound- yes! With the VTPH-2A itís not about the gear, itís about the music."

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Michael Ulveling: "...this phono stage has truly been a shocking revelation. Clearly my Rogue Ares Magnum was holding the Stax 009/009S and T2 amplifier back. I'm hearing music in a way that I've never experienced from ANY system, headphone or speaker, in any price range. Musicality, detail, dynamics, and 3D imaging are all pegged at "11" out of 10. I listened until 7:00 AM in the morning! Just wanting to hear all my favorites again for the first time. Tonight I plan to try it in my big rig (Tannoy Canterbury GR speakers) against the $14.4 K VAC Renaissance SE. I'm fearful for what this comparison will yield, since I remember the VAC beating the Rogue Ares by less than the Rogue got clobbered in last night's listening (and really the Ares is a fine phono stage in its own right). Wish I'd heard your phono stage a year ago. Thanks so much for all you do, and have a great weekend! I'll be in touch again soon. BTW the titanium gray finish is really gorgeous."

Audiogon Forum Post mulveling432 posts 10-27-2018 5:53pm "Thanks @jmolsberg - your direct comparison of Ares to Herron, in favor of the latter, was so relevant to me and finally put me over the edge to put down my cash. Iíve been a high-fi enthusiast for over 15 years now, churned through truckloads of gear, and was genuinely stunned at what I heard last night. I heard music in a way Iíve never heard before, in any system. Easily the best headphone system Iíve heard in my life. The Ares was holding back the Shelter Accord/Stax 009/S and Stax T2 amp. The Herron blew open their potential. Musicality, detail, dynamics, and 3D soundstage all pegged to "11" out of 10. No SUT ratios to mess with, either. Iím used to mediocre gear getting shamelessly shilled online, but thatís DEFINITELY not the case here. In fact, you guys are kinda jerks because the VTPH-2A is even better than you made it sound :) Tonight I hope to try the Herron in my big rig, directly against my $14.4K phono stage. Itís rightfully fearing for its life right now. Wish Iíd heard the Herron a year ago. There's a distinct possibility I'll own two of these soon. Any of you guys curious or on the fence - just call Keith now, just do it."

Customer Feedback
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

- By Brian Schuster: "Wow! You really hit a home run with this one. It sounded great out of the box without any loading with my Helikon stereo cart." "...now I am simply enjoying the music."

Customer Review
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

"...I played the albums I knew very well. During each jump in price I made with the previous stages, I found they offered more. Some more detail, others better bass or staging. You get the idea. The Herron hits on all of them. It leaves nothing out. Each aspect of what you want in a sound stage the Herron delivers in spades. As I went through each album, I swore the other stages had opened them up and allowed me to hear all the album had to offer. I did not think there could be anything else hidden, no new instruments or nuances going on that I never heard before. I honestly didnít think the Herron could improve in that area, I did expect other things from it, but again not in this area since I already had heard several layers into my music thanks to the other stages. Boy was I dead wrong on this. In fact it may be the biggest thing that continues to catch me off guard and gets that smile going from ear to ear."

..."I sold a collectible from my other hobby to help purchase this Herron VTPH 2A and I was worried I would have regret. I have ZERO regret and can now absolutely, positively cross off the phono stage as my upgrading days for that piece of gear are done. I have no interest in hearing anything else. Thank you Mr. Keith Herron for making one incredible piece of musical equipment. It is worth every bit of the asking price if you are into vinyl." - By Michael Catucci See Complete Review

More Customer Reviews
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage

First impression: Herron VTPH-2A phono preamp - By professorsvsu: 07-16-2018 6:15pm;   "I got my VTPH-2A this morning and it's up and running. After about five hours of spinning vinyl, I'm pretty sure I've wet myself, MULTIPLE TIMES! I've primarily played vinyl that I've had for decades, music that I thought I was intimately familiar with. I was wrong. There's nuance I never knew existed. Everything about the VTPH-2A is "right". The bass is tight, vocals superb, instruments have places, etc. All that I've listened to sounds new and fresh and the most masterfully recorded vinyl sounds live. What I've read about on this forum concerning the VTPH-2A (pretty much all stellar) is true. I've had five different phono preamps and nothing can compete with this, NOTHING. It's a bad ass and definitely a keeper."

professorsvsu 07-20-2018 1:48am:  " I recently started a thread concerning the Herron VTPH-2A that I purchased and would like to interject my two cents again . I use an AT-ART9 cart and Avid Diva II SP TT with an SME 309 arm. I've listened to vinyl for more than 50 years and have never heard vinyl playback as good as my current set-up can produce. The VTPH-2A pulled everything together in an unbelievable way. Does it have tubes and do tubes "color" sound? Yes and yes. But there's a reason some prefer the Mona Lisa over a photo from a smart phone. One represents soul and character while the other is an accurate digital representation. The Herron is designed and built by master artists with genius level expertise of what makes music a dynamic, emotional experience - it's soul. All too often solid state equipment can measure up with specifications, but can't quite get it when it comes to putting a smile on your face or a tear in your eye. If you wanted to risk the VTPH-2A and a cart like the AT-ART9, I don't think you'd be disappointed and there would be enough left over in your budget for a good TT.
"Brilliant!" - By Dorian Workman: "Magnificent! So much better than the Parasound JC3+ and Sutherland Duo that I also tried. This one is a keeper!"
"Bravo! - By Darko: "Beautiful sound. Bravo Herron!"
"Excellent State of the Art Phonostage" --
- By Doug: "I have had the Herron for about a month. It takes time to break in. It adds impressive presence to music of all kinds without loosing detail. Very smooth over the entire audio spectrum. It is very easy to set up. I have two turntables connected to it, both VPI Prime Signatures with Van den Hul Crimson and Stradivarius (through Bob's Devices SUT to MM input) carts. In turn the Herron is connected to a Pass Labs INT-250 and in turn to B and W 802 D3 speakers. So if the Herron were anything but stellar this system would show it immediately. Happy to say that the Herron is easily up to the task of enhancing a high end system. It just keeps getting better each day. I like Keith Herron's philosophy of simple yet elegant electronics and customer support. Its made in the USA. Why pay twice as much for a foreign product and get poor customer support."
"Spectacular Tube Phono Preamp!!!" - By Tom G: "Exceptional sound and greatly improved dynamics are the benefits that I found when I upgraded from the Pass Labs XP15 phono preamp to the Herron Audio VTPH-2A. I liked the Pass unit quite a bit, but some music sounded a tad harsh, so the folks at NeedleDoctor recommended the Herron phono preamp and I could not be happier. This Herron unit is almost as quiet as the solid state Pass but offers greater imaging, depth and tone." "The rest of my system includes: Rega RP 10 turntable with Rega Aphelion MC cartridge, SimAudio Moon Evolution P7 preamplifier, SimAudio Moon Evolution W7 power amplifier, Benchmark DAC2 DX digital to analog converter, McIntosh MR88 AM FM HD tuner, Sonus Faber Cremona M tower speakers, REL R328 subwoofer, Audioquest Columbia interconnects, Audioquest Mont Blanc speaker cables, Furman IT Reference power conditioner"

The Herron VTPH-2A Phono Preamplifier was created to address the retrieval of musical information from vinyl LPs without any compromise. The original design was only intended for use by a few dedicated music lovers in their cutting edge audio systems. The design was so good, and demand so high, that the unit was refined and engineered to meet the requirements for a more durable unit manufactured in larger quantities. In the process, important refinements were developed and discoveries were made about tolerances and the threshold of human hearing limits.

VTPH-2 loading resistors
external MC load resistor RCA plugs

Separate moving coil and moving magnet inputs

The Moving Coil "MC" Inputs:

The moving coil inputs have an additional 22 dB of gain which is provided by a proprietary FET very low noise linear gain stage connected directly to the MC inputs. The moving coil FET gain section is connected in front of the tube section when the unit is in the MC mode. This moving coil FET gain section has been designed specifically to avoid the sonic artifacts found in many solid state designs.

Moving coil loading RCA resistor plugs can be inserted into the back of the VTPH-2A at the "MC Load" connectors to properly load specific moving coil cartridges. Check with your cartridge manufacturer for recommended loading.

The Moving Magnet "MM" Inputs:

The moving magnet inputs send the cartridge signal directly to the tube section and bypasses the MC FET gain stage. The moving magnet inputs provide all tube amplification of the signal from the cartridge. The moving magnet inputs have an internal 47k Ohm loading resistor for each channel and 100pF "Miller Effect" loading capacitance which is provided by the grid of the first 12AX7 tube.

Cartridge Loading:

The moving coil inputs can be loaded to a particular cartridge specification by externally connecting the appropriate resistors using the "MC LOAD" RCA connectors on the back of the unit, or they can be internally soldered at the MC INPUTS circuit board (this should only be done by a competent technician).

Why loading plugs instead of dip switches?

Reason #1:

When using DIP switches the sound quality will degrade with time and potentially become grainy and bright as unwanted harmonics are added due to contact nonlinearity.

Mechanical switch contact resistance (which is nonlinear with voltage) can be in the order of magnitude of the loading resistor itself particularly at the very low voltages which are generated by a moving coil cartridge. The music information can be down in the range of nanovolts. This problem will be exacerbated with time as the DIP switch contacts which are open and not sealed are exposed to air will develop oxidation and layers of contamination from environmental humidity and air pollution.

Note A: The VTPH-2A uses electronic switching for audio signals when changing from moving coil to moving magnet mode. This is initiated by one mechanical switch which does not carry any analog audio signals.

Reason #2:

So we spent how much on that cartridge and turntable and we load the cartridge with DIP switch contacts and only the resistors that are connected to it?

External loading plugs allow the user to hand pick the resistor brand and type if he or she is so inclined. Yes, resistor brands and types do sound very different. In a way this is comparable to tube rolling.

Reason #3:

The "infinite loading" option.

The VTPH-2A will not load the cartridge at all if no loading resistors are plugged into the MC loading inputs. This is because the moving coil input stage of the VTPH-2 utilizes the electric field generated by the cartridge to amplify the voltage and no current is drawn from the cartridge (there is no load on the cartridge). This can give an extended sense of dynamic freedom and sound stage as it reduces the work done by the cartridge and cartridge/groove interaction.

Note B: Some cartridges will need loading in order to reduce their inherent rise in high frequency response.

Reason #4.

You don't have to get inside the unit to change the loading, you can do it while you are listening in order to get a immediate and real sense of how the loading changes the sound.

The moving coil inputs can be loaded to a particular cartridge specification by externally connecting the appropriate resistors using the "MC LOAD" RCA connectors on the back of the unit, or they can be internally soldered at the MC INPUTS circuit board (this should only be done by a competent technician).

The moving coil inputs have no load resistors installed unless specified by the customer when the unit is ordered from Herron Audio. We recommend trying the VTPH-2 in the no-load configuration as the unit is supplied for most moving coil cartridges. 47,000 (47k) ohm RCA load plugs are supplied with the unit for optional use. Additional user specified loading plugs can also be purchased with the unit.

The moving magnet inputs are factory loaded at 47,000 (47k) ohms, 100pF (standard loading for moving magnet cartridges).

Herron VTPH-2A Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier Features

Tube complement (2 x 12AX7, 3 x 12AT7) - most popular, or
(4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7)
Gain MC Mode (2 X 12AX7, 3 X 12AT7) 64 dB
(4 X 12AX7, 1 X 12AT7) 69 dB
Gain MM Mode (2 X 12AX7, 3 X 12AT7) 43 dB
(4 X 12AX7, 1 X 12AT7) 48 dB
Frequency response RIAA 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.1 dB with the VTPH-2A output connected into a line stage input impedance of 10k Ohms and higher
Distortion Less than 0.03% at 2.45 volts output at 1kHz with the VTPH-2A output connected into a line stage input impedance of 20k Ohms and higher (distortion is tube selection dependent)
Note: Lowest distortion and best performance occurs with the VTPH-2A output connected into a line stage input impedance of 20k Ohms and higher - this gives the most dynamic sound
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 88 dB, A weighted
Output impedance (2 X 12AX7, 3 X 12AT7) 400 ohms
(4 X 12AX7, 1 X 12AT7) 500 ohms
Input impedance Infinite with no load resistors connected
Note: load resistors can be connected externally via RCA connectors or soldered internally
Absolute polarity Non-inverting (all modes)
Power Requirements Standard IEC connector - most international voltages available
Overall dimensions 17.6" wide x 4" high (including rubber feet) x 10.25" deep
Warranty 3 years, parts and labor; tubes: 90 days
U.S. Retail Price $3,650 U.S.D.

NOTE: The VTPH-2A is an improved version of the VTPH-1 single input version which was reviewed by Stereophile in March of 2000

Stereophile: March 2000, Vol.23 NO.3 Herron Audio VTPH-1 Phono Stage

"It's competitive with anything I have rated 'Class A.'"
- Michael Fremer

"It was a pleasure to measure such a well-engineered phono stage."
- John Atkinson read the review

Ultimate Audio, March/April 1998
Herron Audio VTPH-1 Phono Stage

"The Herron Audio phono preamplifier produced something I've never heard from an audio system before: live, I mean LIVE, in-your-room clarity. The clarity and the absolute transparency this phono section delivers takes the listener not into the world of reproduction, but production. Great recordings assume their full, explosive, lifelike dynamics, with bass that is tight, deep and articulate complete with shading and definition; lightning-fast transients; exceptional control of the leading and trailing edge of the musical wave form. Tonally and harmonically, the Herron transports you to a place you have never been before."

"If you want the best (that I've heard) in line stage and phono stage reproduction, from the deepest, the tightest, cleanest bass your system can reproduce to the silkiest, most open highs you can hear, listen to what's happening at Herron Audio. You'll be glad you did."
- Richard Foster read the review

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