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Audiophile Magazine 19th Anniversary issue


VTPH-1MC Plus was chosen as one of "Two Best Pieces of Equipment I've tested in 2004."

Although the HERRON VTPH-1MC phono stage doesn't looks all that attractive, the sound is highly energetic, bold dynamic, extremely quiet background, and it reproduces neutrally with all micro details in the music. Among all phono preamplifiers in the market this unit should have the very top ranking!

With the phono cable plugged, the output going to my favorite VTSP-1 preamplifier, when music plays, it's hard to explain by words: the "LIVE" music stands in front of me, it's accurate proportion between instruments, the 3D liveness of vocals are all just perfect, it has no coloration of the tonality.

I've been testing almost 6 or 7 different phono preamplifiers for last year, regardless of built-in, stand alone, tube or transistor phono stage, one thing I'm absolutely sure is the VTPH-1 is definitely in the top of the class.

Once you'd listened to it you will definitely be "poisoned" by the unit and you will feel uncomfortable if you don't bring it home. My conclusion is that it is a big loss if an audiophile doesn't listen to analog and it is an even bigger loss if you play analog without VTPH-1!

by Ah Yun

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