VTSP-360 Reference Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier With Remote Control
(Revision ESP/REF - check display at startup for revision designation)

VTSP-360 Front Panel

The VTSP-360 Reference Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier is discontinued

silver face plate - click on image for larger view

titanium gray and black face plates also available

all face plates are 1/2 inch thick brushed anodized aluminum


Silver             Gray             Black


LIVE, in-your-room clarity

Immediately You Know!

VTSP-360 Rear Panel

back panel - click on image for larger view

Remote Control

VTSP-360 Remote Control Remote control functions
  • Input Selection
  • Absolute Polarity
  • Display Brightness
  • Volume, Mute, and Mono/Stereo

Mini Review: Herron VTSP 360 (ESP)

"Ever since Keith Herron introduced the VTSP-360 I’ve been wondering how it could possibly improve upon the VTSP-3A (R03) that I have been enjoying for many years as my reference linestage. I loved the 3A so much that I blissfully upgraded nearly my entire system around it--new speakers, amp, disc spinner, turntable/arm/cartridge, cables--and the 3A remained..."

"...I sold my 3A and moved to a new, larger listening room, in which I installed the 360 ESP. So, no direct A-B comparison and a new, very different room to complicate the comparison. So, with that in mind, here is what I have discovered:"

"...The scope of improvement is quite large--this is not a subtle upgrade. Two observations which confirm this impression. First, when you are listening to the system “from the other room” it sounds like a live band is playing--really. Before, it sounded like a great stereo system was playing. That suggests a very big swing toward the absolute sound. Second, I am “getting” music I’ve heard a million times before--understanding it in a way that is much deeper and more meaningful. I’m not (just) talking about discerning lyrics that escaped me before (which has happened numerous times) but really “getting” the song or performance--the feeling and emotional message that makes music so powerful..."

Now the checklist: Improvement across the board but a few areas worth noting as particularly significant gains over the already awesome 3A:

Dynamics: Yikes! The music just leaps out of the speakers. Both macro and micro gradations so much more clearly rendered. Things like rim shots on the snare, piano notes, and plucked instruments have an unrestrained quality that makes them appear to be live in the room. The overall effect is to make the music much more exciting, compelling, and FUN! Genuine Technicolor for the ears!

Soundstage: Wow! An unbelievable soundscape is created. Incredible depth, width and precise placement within the stage. Listening to a string quartet and hearing the voice of each member within the mix, properly scaled and projected onto a lifelike stage with all the ambient cues intact. Here is where the new room may be amplifying the effect, making the comparison with the 3A a little unfair. But, as I said, WOW!

Transparency: The 360 ESP is quite a bit more transparent to the recording. Voices are portrayed with much more lucidity--the specific qualities and characteristics that make Sinatra and McLorin Salvant so compelling are revealed more fully. Less homogenized, more true to the source than my 3A. Hard to believe, but that is what I’m hearing. Again, improvement across the board but, importantly, preservation of all the signature elements of Keith’s craft still present and accounted for: pace, timing, FLOW, tonal correctness, uncolored, QUIET.

Can there possibly be a better linestage? What would you need to spend to get one? I can easily see the 360 ESP representing the heart and soul of any reference quality two-channel system.

Paired with the VTPH-2A and a nice table/arm/cartridge, you are on your way to some of the best sound imaginable." dodgealum 01-04-2021 5:25pm Herron Mini Review: Herron VTSP 360 (ESP);  See The Full Audiogon Forum Post

Customer Feedback November 2018
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage with VTSP-360 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

- By Bob Craig (Chicago Audio Society): "Keith, I listened to the two units over the past two Saturdays. I used the phono stage (VTPH-2A upgrade) first on its own last Saturday, and then added on the 360 last night, after running another pre-amp for a bit. With the phono stage I noticed more three-dimensionality and more upper mids and high end. With the 360, the result was holy (expletive deleted)!! I couldn't believe it. You have really outdone yourself with the 360. When I find a component that makes me want to hear more, that is special to me. Most pieces of equipment don't do that. But the 360 did it. Even an old mono Angel from the 50's sounded great (solo piano) and a DGG from the 70's sounded like an audiophile recording. I thought I had pretty good sound before, but this is just beyond. If you don't sell lots of the 360, there is something wrong with the audio world. It sounds the best I have heard here at home. I appreciate your efforts and hope more people discover what you have to offer."

Design Considerations

 Frequency Response 1 Hz to beyond 100 kHz, 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.1 dB
Output Impedance 100 ohms nominal at 1 kHz
Input Impedance 100,000 Ohms
Gain 14 dB in Hdb mode, 4 dB in Ldb mode
Volume Control 100-position electronic stepped attenuator, maximum differential 0.1 dB channel to channel
Distortion <0.01% THD + Noise @ 1 volt r.m.s. output
Absolute Polarity Switchable
Dimensions 17.6" wide x 4" high (including rubber feet) x 10.25" deep
Warranty 3 years, parts and labor; tubes: 90 days
U.S. Retail Price $6,550 U.S.D.

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